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Chapter Membership Program

Elkhart IMRG 1986 logo

We always welcome new members regardless of what brand of motorcycle you ride.  This is a 'riders' group, not an 'owners' group.  We will always be an inclusive chapter welcoming those who want to ride with us. For those who choose not to become a paying chapter member, they can still:

Join us for one chapter meeting to see if we are a fit for you.

Join us for one ride to see if we are a fit for you.

Hang out with us on our public chapter page on Facebook.

Being fair to our paying members, we would ask that you join our group formally if you choose to attend any further events.

Those who choose to join the chapter will benefit in the following ways:

Participate in all Chapter rides.

Participate in all Chapter meetings.

Participate in annual Chapter Officer elections.

Access to all member-only social media pages.

Participate in all Chapter only events, parties, parades, and appreciation dinners.

Discount on PG&A from our chapter sponsor Elkhart Indian Motorcycle.

You must own a motorcycle or you must be associated with an owner's VIN to join.

To participate in our chapter rides, the motorcycle owner must have their legal motorcycle endorsement on their drivers' license.

Annual membership dues are $20 per calendar year, per person, and paid to Elkhart IMRG Chapter 1986.

All chapter officers must pay membership dues.

Anyone wanting to participate in membership activities must join the chapter by paying membership dues.

To become a member click on the above button, print the form, and then return with the chapter dues to any of the chapter meetings held at MR. G's in Osceola, IN.   Thank you in advance and we are looking forward to having you in our group.

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